So you’ve had a  car accident and don’t know what to do now? This is your guide to make you informed on what you need to do to make the situation simpler for everyone involved.


First step is to make sure yourself and anyone else involved in the accident is ok.  It is important to call 000 for the police. However,  if someone is in need of medical attention it is important that an ambulance is sent as well. Police also need to be contacted if there is property damage and the owner can’t be notified.

Once that is done you should inspect the car. Look to see the damage and take photos if you deem it necessary. If either of the cars isn’t driveable then you need to contact VicRoads so that they can allocate a tow truck. The VicRoads Accident Allocation number is 131 176. More information on this can be seen on our page Accident Towing.

The information that you need to receive from the other parties involved as well as give to them and the police include;

  • Name
  • Address
  • Registration number
  • Owner of the vehicles name.

A failure to stop and give assistance if involved in an accident can lead to large fines, a suspended license or imprisonment.


More information on what is needed after an accident can be found at Crash responsibilities : VicRoads. 

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