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Questions to ask a towing company.

It is important that when you need to find a tow service, you find the company that is going to be best for you! That is why it is important that you get all the information needed to best decide. Below is some of the best questions to ask a towing company before you choose them.


What vehicles can you tow?

Especially important if you need a larger vehicle towed, it is important that you ask if the company is equipped to tow vehicles other than just cars. Ask about their experience with larger vehicles, and their ability to provide a towing service for your chosen vehicle specifically.

Can you provide an estimate cost?

Before you choose a towing company, it is important that

Do you provide a 24/7 tow service?

Sometimes emergencies happen at the worst time, so it is important that a towing company can provide 24/7 service, so that you know you’ll be able to be helped at any time.

Where will my car be taken?

It’s important to know where your vehicle will be towed before you sign the documents. Does the company have a shelter service? Will they take it to their preferred mechanic, these are the questions that you need to ask the company. Ask the company if their tow trucks have GPS equipped for peace of mind.

What payment methods are available?

Everyone has a preference in payment methods, so it is important to know whether a company offers card and cash options, so there are no hidden surprises when it comes time to pay.

How many years’ experiences do you have?

At the end of the day, you are trusting your vehicle with this company so it is important to go for a company that is experienced and therefore a company you are confident will be able to provide the best towing service.

What type of tow trucks do you have?

There are different types of tow trucks that are best suited to different situations.

Are your drivers qualified?

You’re trusting your beloved car with a company, so it is only right and fair that you find the best company with qualified staff available.

How fast can you reach my location?

Breaking down or being involved in an accident needing a tow truck can be a stressful time, so it is important that you are provided the help needed in a timely matter, make sure to receive a specific estimate on how long it will take for the truck to arrive.


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